The OOINK Story
This bowl of soup took years to make.

Well no, not literally… but the dream & concept of OOINK have been

the product of years of hard work, experience, & a quest for perfection.
The OOINK team grew up eating noodles & soup…

every bowl bringing comfort, memories, & nourishment.

We want to share those same feelings with the Capitol Hill community

& become a part of this wonderful neighborhood. Our bowls of ramen not only go

hand & hand with the weather of the city, but hopefully can be a piece of home

for the vast culture & tastes that make up Seattle’s citizens.


OOINK’s preparation is simple & traditional,

with the number one focus always being,
“respect the ingredients.”


The pig is often the star of the show,

but every ingredient that enters the OOINK kitchen is given the chef’s full attention, leaving nothing to waste & no detail overlooked.
The preparation is classic in style & one that has been tested & tried over & over;
always striving to achieve perfection, a labor of love you can taste in every slurp.


OOINK is a team, a crew of friends & strangers,

who have helped build the craft of our restaurant, & always been

together focused on the same dream,
which would be impossible without everyone's hard work.


So please, sit back… enjoy a drink, let the broth warm you,

the flavors comfort you,
& please slurp.
No other sound could be a better compliment to the chef & OOINK team.